Kobe – Silver/chocolate male, 5 years, 85 lbs.

Do you have trouble waking up? Getting to sleep? Knowing what to do with your free hand while watching TV or working at the computer? I am the solution to your problems. My name is Kobe and I have the amazing ability to calm all your worries. Just put your hand on my head, you can feel the day get better. Time for bed, hand on the head. Wake up time, wet nose snuggles. I’ve got you covered; I just want to be by your side.

I’m well past the crazy Labrador stage of life, I just want to relax by your side, maybe go for short walks, maybe even go to school to learn some new tricks. I’m not much of one for toys or chasing balls like my foster brothers are, I just watch them make fools of themselves and get yelled at when they knock things over wrestling over a toy. I prefer to be by your side or at your feet, or watching you from the hallway. Just to know you are near and safe. Notice I didn’t say in your lap or on your bed? Somewhere in life I learned I don’t belong on the furniture and I can’t get that out of my head.

Kobe came to Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno with Shady. Both had been left in a disgusting backyard full of foxtails and used to crank out puppies. Not much love in that life. Kobe is eager to make up for those lost years. He loves being inside by your side, to the point of being clingy. He does not like to be outside alone and will let you know about it by destroying your screen door and waking the neighbors up. He does fine with other dogs and is tolerant of the foster’s cat. Kobe is really a docile middle-aged gentleman who wants a family of his own to love.

Kobe is very smart and food motivated which makes training much easier. He likes short walks, doesn’t pull, and after losing a few pounds could probably build some stamina for longer walks. He would probably be fine around older, dog savvy children as he does get excited and jumps, especially at meal and treat time. If you would like to win an MVP and make this handsome boy a member of your pack, fill out an online adoption application.

If you have already submitted an application for another LRRF dog, simply reply to the volunteer who initially responded and follow the directions in red.