The Fab Four!
John, Paul, George & Ringo – Black Males, 9 weeks

Look how much they’ve grown! Re-introducing these fabulous boys! You first met them when they and their 5 brothers were found in a field alone in a rural town southeast of Fresno. The pups were likely about 4 weeks old when animal control reached out to us to help them. That has not stopped them from being perfectly typical puppies!

John, Paul, George and Ringo are about 9 weeks old now and will soon be ready to go home! All the boys are very much alike both in temperament and size. We really are not sure what their mix is at all. They are solid black and blackish brown, Paul has a cute spot on his bottom chin and they have white spots under their paws! The foster has had a lot of puppies and she swears they are part lab and part land shark! These guys are very smart, very cuddly, very food friendly and are about 50% potty trained! They do know how to use the doggy door! Based on their size and guess on age they fall in the 60-pound range as adults but that is merely a guess. They have not been introduced to cats but we’re not too concerned… they’re puppies!! The pups have had surrogate parents not only human of course but the resident dogs take turns teaching them how to be good dogs! They are fetching balls and love water and have constantly played out in the rain during these storms, so we’re pretty sure there’s some lab in there somewhere!

If you would like to meet the boys please fill out an online adoption application and ask that your application be forwarded to their foster.