Jazzy – Black female, 14 weeks, 30 lbs.

Hi everybody! I’m Jazzy! My name is perfect for me because I see the world as one snappy, joyous tune. I am young, energetic, and ready to play with humans and dogs alike. I love water and it feels so refreshing to splash and lounge in it after so many days with searing Central Valley temperatures. I also love sticks and toys and can make a morning of chewing on them. And did you mention a ball? I love those too! I’m a great fetcher, and very proud of that. Keep those tennis balls handy!

Jazzy is a young, spirited female who can spend some time playing, and then collapse and recharge. She has been around children as young as 8 years old and adores playing and running with them. She also seeks companionship with other dogs on her jaunty adventures but would be perfectly fine as a single dog. Jazzy would be an excellent student in dog obedience school, as she is extremely treat-motivated and will do whatever you train her to do as long as she gets rewarded for it. She has already mastered sit and high-five! We are working on other commands as well and she is catching on quickly.

If you are interested in committing yourself to a puppy who has the potential to be an outstanding hiking or running companion, or a dynamic buddy to a dog you already own, Jazzy is the girl for you. She is an active and spry girl, so be ready for lots of adventures with her exploring the world by your side. If you are interested in applying, please fill out an online application for Jazzy!