Indy – Black Male, 1ish, 82 lbs

My name is Indy and sadly, I somehow landed in a shelter and no one came for me. I was lucky that they reached out to the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. They put the word out and my foster family stepped up and made room for me. Oh, my goodness do they have lots of Labs like me to play with!

My foster mom reports that I’m a super happy boy and love to play and romp with them all. The cats inside are ok and we have an agreement I won’t bother them but my mom still makes certain I respect their space. So far, she says I am a good boy and the cats and I are doing ok together. She says that I would be happiest in a home with a friend to romp and rough house with. I am just fine with their small senior dog but she can’t play with me since I’m just too big. I am a good boy inside but she has to keep an eye on me as I do love checking out the countertops.

I am crate trained but would much rather snuggle with a friend at night. I am learning how to walk on a lead, sit for treats but it’s taking me a little time to get the hang of it. I just get so excited and seriously, who can pay attention that long when there is so much to see! I come right away when I’m called and love pets and cuddles. Car rides were a new experience for me but my foster family takes me out so I can go to fun places with my new family!

I love sleeping on the deck in the afternoons with my lab friends but my favorite time of day is in the morning when my foster dad takes all 8 of us into the big yard to run and play! I have the fastest zoomies and can catch up to everyone with my long legs! I am a good eater and do not eat too fast, my foster family says I have table manners at dinner time!

Indy will do best with an active family who is dedicated to continuing his obedience training and making him part of their lives. He is dog friendly and cat neutral. If you are interested in knowing more about Indy, please fill out an online adoption.