Huey (black),
Dewey (yellow)
Louie (black & white)

Males – 11 weeks old, 25 lbs.

Meet the Nephews! Huey, Dewey and Louie! Why yes, we do have the cutest little Ducks in town!

These adorable boys are about 11 weeks old and weigh 25 pounds and they’re looking for their families!

Huey is almost solid black, Dewey is yellow and Louie has multiple adorable white spots.

They were living on a very large, very rural farm in Kings County when spotted by animal control who thankfully was able to take action. Louie had a severe and infected face and eye injury from what appears to have been from another dog. Animal control requested they be surrendered for medical care and luckily, they were and the county called us right away. Of course, we said yes!

We do know their lineage. Their uncle is Donald, their dad is Mr. Duck and their mom is Della Duck! Well at least that’s what the boys tell us and that’s the story we’re sticking to too!

Louie’s eye and other wounds have healed up great! You would never know now! He has never let it slow him down!

Much like the other Disney Duck triplets these three are smart and funny and cuddly and sweet and fun and just adorable! They’re getting their potty training down, but like most pups, expect them not to have it completely down just yet! They sleep in their foster’s room at night in a crate. They’re well socialized with other dogs. They have not been around cats.

The boys will be neutered, chipped and age appropriate vaccinated prior to adoption. If you’d like to make the lifetime commitment to one of these adorable boys, please fill out an online adoption application and if you already have an application on file please respond to the volunteer who answered your application and ask that it be forwarded to their foster family.