Hazel – Black Female, about 9 years, 72 lbs.

 From our classic collection comes sweet, adorable Miss Hazel. Hazel came to Lab Rescue of Fresno from an overwhelmed local shelter where difficult decisions were being made every day about life and death, what dogs can be rescued, and what dogs cannot. It’s a sad truth, and particularly so here in the Central Valley where every shelter, every rescue, and every foster home seem to be at capacity and bursting with more needs than can be met.

Hazel is one of the lucky few. She was pulled from the shelter on a day when other dogs were being chosen for a very sad fate. She had a very large abdomen, looked overweight or pregnant, or to have something severely wrong with her tummy, and thankfully the Defender of Dogs was able to rush her to the vet the next morning where x-rays, an ultrasound, blood tests, and an exam finally revealed that Hazel was in fact in a “motherly” way once more.

For Hazel, this seemed to not be a new occurrence, her body is proof of many unwanted litters, and her little abdomen was full of puppies once more. But at her age, another litter was just too high risk. The decision was made to prioritize HER life this time and to make certain she had no more mothering duties in her future.

What Hazel deserves is the softest, most comfortable bed there is to live out her years. At age 9 she’s a middle-aged girl, but with a body a little more worn out than most 9 year old’s. She’s had a hard life, was covered in filth and ticks, and was so very appreciative of a comfy bed to call her own.

Hazel is a sweet girl that needs a somewhat quiet, adult home to learn to love and be nurtured. She gets along well with her mid aged foster doggie brother. We would recommend a home that doesn’t have an “in your face” younger dog or cats.

Hazel has recovered well from surgery, and is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and is the most well behaved, sweet girl. She will nap during the day quietly on a cozy bed and asks to go outside to do her business. She also likes to sunbathe when it’s not too hot out. Hazel would be best suited for a low-key home, quiet life with a big soft bed, healthy food, and a kind touch to her sweet head and lots of belly rubs. Hazel has really come out of shell and blossomed in her foster home…she loves to be with her people and has such a loving personality.

If you think you can offer Hazel an amazing home, please fill out an online adoption application.