Hans – Yellow Male X, 8ish years, 71 lbs.

Hans is now taking applications to find his forever home!  Against all odds, and a terrible story about his past, Hans is the sweetest, gentlest, friendliest, most easy-going dog and wants a family of his own that will be with him constantly!  He’s what we call a ‘velcro’ dog, best suited for a home where someone is always around so Hans can latch on to them and snuggle, cuddle, get head rubs, and lean on them.

You kind of already know Hans’ story, he is the sweetest boy ever, and some cruel person left him tied up for years in a dirt pen, fighting and scrapping for food with other dogs for years until a miracle happened, and someone gave Hans a voice.  Someone cared enough to make sure that animal control became involved in his story and thank goodness guardian angels saved him from more years of starvation and neglect!

Hans came into Lab Rescue as an emaciated dog, he weighed barely 58 pounds and his dull coat was covered in ticks, fleas, and scabs. (see our Facebook page for before pics) His skin pulled tight across his body, and bones pressing against his skin caused pressure sores because he had so little fat on his body.  His ears were encrusted with scabs, wounds, ticks, and filth.  His teeth are nearly gone, worn down to the gumline, and hard for a vet to even determine his true age.  Animal control was told the dog was six years of age, but perhaps he is a bit older.

Hans had never enjoyed the warmth of a bed, lived inside, been on a leash, or really experienced the love and care he so deserved.  All those things took time for him to learn, but he sure loves house life now, and sleeps on his foster parent’s bed, literally snuggled between them most nights.

Due to Hans’ lack of teeth, he will do best eating a soft diet the rest of his life.  He enjoys small meals throughout the day, eating kibble soaked in water, canned food, and soft treats.  He still values every meal and devours them as if it is his last! He truly has so much love and appreciation for being rescued and is such a happy dog.

At first, he did not know how to even be a dog, he was so shut down, forlorn, scared, and did not trust his foster parents.  But time slowly changed that, and now he’s animated and happy, just a little needy, and scared of being abandoned again.

He seems good meeting people and dogs, is working to learn what a leash is all about and learning house manners too.   He is a bit fixated with cats, while he has not hurt the resident cats, he will fixate and drool and stare at them as if he’s envisioning his next meal with a kitty on a dinner plate.   We might suggest a cat-free home would be better.

If you would like to apply for Hans, fill out our online application and know that our dogs are adopted based on their needs, an interview is required, and dogs are placed according to what is in their best interest.