Geneva – Yellow Female, 5 months, 40 lbs

Guess who? It’s Geneva!! The parvo survivor that your donations helped save!! Look at her now, the sweetest girl ever!!

Geneva was honored to have been named after a service dog that one of our volunteers recently lost.

Geneva is potty trained; leash training will come with time and practice! She loves squeaky toys and her fetching skills are almost as good as her swimming skills. She is cat and dog friendly and there are no concerns with children besides the regular puppy stuff!!

This adorable, lucky pup is available for adoption if you think you are ready for the chaos a Lab puppy brings to a home.

All puppies will be up to date on their age appropriate vaccinations as well as being spayed, neutered and microchipped. Please remember that our goal is to find the best possible forever home for each and every dog so it is not a first come first serve situation. It is also important to add that a puppy can be a 15 year commitment and most Labs have puppyish qualities for up to and sometimes beyond 2 years. An active family willing to take the time, patients and commitment to work with a pup is important. Like all young Labs, training and regular exercise are essential to a happy, healthy pup.

If you would like to know more about Geneva, please fill out an online adoption application.