Faith Hill – yellow female lab mix, 5 months old, 40 lbs. (and growing!)


Okay – let’s just address the elephant in the room – or should I say the Siberian Husky in the room.  I swear on my foster mama’s Bible, my bio-mom really did look like a Lab.  It’s just that my bio-dad had really strong Husky-German Shepherd genes.  I really do have Lab genes and I’ve got the DNA test, pictures of mama, and video of me splashing in the pool to prove it!

How I came to the rescue is kind of sad.  My mama – her name was Dolly Parton – was very pregnant and in doggy jail when the Defenders of Dogs picked her up.  Mama was very stressed and scared.  A few days later, on Easter Sunday, I was the first puppy born, and my foster mama decided my name had to be Faith Hill.  Unfortunately, my 4 brothers and 3 sisters were stillborn. Mama wasn’t acting well and even though my foster mama took her to the vet the next morning, they said mama was very sick and too old to be having puppies, and mama died that night.  My foster mama is really the only mama I have known.  She has taken very good care of me and I go to work with her almost every day, where I just eat and sleep in my crate and soak up lots of attention.  I am a very happy puppy.

At home I have Grama and Grampa dogs to play with when they are in the mood – which isn’t very often.  The funnest playmate is my foster brother, who is only 2, but even he gets tired of my puppy antics sometimes.  We have a Grama cat, too, who will not play at all.  She hissssses and slaps at me.  Don’t they understand?  Puppies just gotta have fun!

As you can imagine, my foster mama is going to be very particular about who adopts me.  After all, I am her little princess and I deserve a special family.  Even though I never want to hurt anybody, I do have sharp puppy teeth that like to chew fingers, and sharp puppy claws that easily scratch human skin.  And sometimes, after I’ve been cooped up in the crate she calls me the Tazmanian Devil as I run in frenzied circles, leaping onto and off of the couch, and bouncing off of the furniture.

Faith is pretty much house-trained and, of course, crate trained. She is still a puppy and we are working on leash manners.  She will benefit from an active family who will exercise her daily and who is committed to taking training classes together to ensure a lifetime of good behavior. Remember, a puppy can be a 15+ year commitment!  If you want to make Faith a member of your family forever, please apply online today.