Dolly – Black Female, 1-1/2 years old, 50lbs

Hello Dolly, well hello Dolly it’s so nice to have you but let’s find you a forever home.🎶 🎶

Sweet little Dolly came to us after her family realized that having four dogs and a house full of children was a little too much to handle. She wasn’t given the time, attention and structure that she needed so they contacted the defenders of dogs to come to the rescue. Dolly was the runt of the litter that they had so she is on the smaller side. That being said, she is very shy but has already shown the ability to adapt and is learning trust. She plays with her four-legged foster sister who is teaching her all about toys and Dolly shares very well. Her favorite thing is to be with you whether it be a car ride, taking a walk on leash or laying by your side while you watch TV. Her energy level is about a 7 out of 10 so she will benefit greatly with daily walks and puppy training. At night she loves to sleep in her crate next to her foster mom and dad. During the day she freely roams the backyard or will come in and hang out with you in the house. There have been no accidents in the house so it is safe to say she is potty trained. However, frequent trips outside for potty is strongly encouraged until she gets to know the routine.

Dolly is child friendly but cats are unknown as the foster family does not have a cat. The ideal family for sweet Dolly would be one that is home more than not, possibly has a four-legged friend, and has time for walks and exercise. If you are interested in adopting Dolly or finding out more information please submit an adoption application or if you already have an application in our system simply reply to the original volunteer who responded and indicate you are interested in Dolly.