Daisy and Luna – Yellow Females, 4 months and Approx. 25 lbs. and GROWING!

Here we are to save the day!  We are the Super Puppy Squad of Daisy and Luna!  With our Super Cuteness Superpowers, we fight loneliness everywhere! We are sure to turn any frown upside down  – just give us a few minutes and you won’t be able to resist.   We hide our secret identities under silly smiles and goofy ears but don’t let that fool you!  We have to keep our secret identity secret until we find our forever best friends who need us most!  We do not need to go together there is so much need out there – but if you need an extra dose of Super Sweetness and puppy breath, of course we can– we really only want to please! So, what are you waiting for?  Puppy Power!

While we are waiting for our forever homes, we eat, play, sleep and repeat.  Our foster mom has us crate and potty trained and we sleep all night in our crates.  Foster mom says we are so playful, love our toys, especially tug toys.  Our Super Cuteness Powers even extend to animals – large and small dogs love to play with us and even cats love the two of us!  Foster mom gives us lots of cuddles and hugs to ensure our powers remain strong until you come along!  So, what are you waiting for?  Puppy Power could be yours to love!

Luna and Daisy were in a local shelter where the discerning eye of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno saw greatness in them, needing only a good home for it to shine.  We just couldn’t leave them there to die.  Now they have been in their foster home working on their Super Puppy Powers and are awaiting their furever homes.

Luna and Daisy are available for adoptions through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  They are very loving, energetic puppies that get along with people, dogs and cats.  Like all puppies, they will require a commitment to training and regular exercise to develop the puppy powers into the perfect pet.  Remember, a Labrador can be a 15+ year commitment! If you would like to make one of these girls a member of your family, apply online today to adopt.