Clint – Black Male X, age 1 year, 68 lbs.

Boy did I hit the jackpot! I was living the life of a stray, roaming the countryside, looking for scraps to eat, when along came this super nice lady and her husband. They were dog lovers no doubt, considering they have several of their own, and the next thing I know I go from rags to riches!

Now the nice lady didn’t know at first about fostering me, so she did the right thing and turned me over to the county animal shelter so I could be properly reported in case somebody was really looking for me, but lucky me, this nice lady came back three days later and said she could foster me for this awesome Lab Rescue program, and shucks… the rest is history!

I love to play, and I’m great around dogs and love people. I have a super great disposition as a young dog, really am quite calm, and my people say I have a really kind and gentle spirit. I sleep inside at night, have been learning how to be a good boy in a crate, and have great leash skills.

I am not keen on cats I do think they were definitely meant to be chased! But I have great aptitude for so many things, I love to walk on a leash and explore new places, I love truck rides, and I really like treats! I like other dogs, big and small. I haven’t been around kids, but I certainly have a great temperament and am friendly. I like toys and squeaky things, I love to lay at my people’s feet and chill, and if you leave a can or bottle around in your recycle bin I will resourcefully help chew it up for you too!

Clint would do great in most homes, but like all young Labradors he needs plenty of mentorship, time to mature, and continued training and reinforcement. He is already learning to sit and lay down on command, and he’s super smart and learns quick reports his fosters. He has a fantastic personality, and he deserves a wonderful family that will give him a life filled with treats, trips, travel, fun, and more!

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