Caleb, 1 year old, Male, Yellow Lab, 65 lbs.

Appearing in the Classifieds: Handsome pup seeks forever family

Meet Caleb! This handsome hunk is a young male adult, with so much potential, his resume is bursting at the seams! Caleb was found as a stray dog, possibly a pup that someone couldn’t sell fast enough, and now he’s a goofy teenager, a yearling with lots of energy, and enthusiasm for all things!

Need your shoe wardrobe refreshed? He would be a great choice to help destroy your current ones!

Need your dog bedding/blankets updated? He can shred the old ones faster than you can blink!

Need to buy a few new dog toys? He’s your pup, he can destroy and de-fluff and de-squeak your current ones in no time flat!

His skills and abilities are limitless, he’s a handsome pup that can take a lot of rough and tumble play and is looking for a buddy dog that will match his strength and stamina and play nonstop!
All kidding aside, Caleb has some very redeeming qualities too – he’s dog, people, kid, and even cat friendly. He learned how to sleep inside in a crate his very first night in foster care and never made a sound. He is learning the home routine quick and respects the other dogs in the house and especially the mean cats. He’s mostly been introduced to the kitchen and the crate where he can be supervised and begin to learn indoor manners from his fellow doggy friends. He does have the ability to calm down and nap after play time is done too!

Caleb is ready for just about any career field: hiking, biking, being your arm-candy, a terrific travel buddy, a cozy fireplace warming buddy, a couch potato, and your daily reason to get out and go for a walk buddy.

Caleb will require a home prepared to manage the youthful exuberance of a young dog, and is a 12–15-year commitment, just like any puppy. He’s a growing adolescent whose brain and brawn haven’t quite caught up to each other yet! If you wish to apply for Caleb, submit an online adoption application today!