Butch – Black Male X, 1.5 years, 70 lbs

There I was making a run for the border with my outlaw partner and bamm, I’m in doggy lockup. We had a good run but our luck had run out. Or so I thought. The Defenders of Dogs, The Seven Mixed Breed Angels, aka Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, stepped in and rescued me. And believe me, it took the whole team to get me to a safe place. Now I can relax with my big foster brother, we get along fine unless I lie on his bed or he steals my bone. But we work it out and after a while we’re wrestling in the backyard in the fresh, cool dirt I’ve dug up. I’m even cool with the feline and his deadly claws, didn’t take me long to learn my place with him.

You may have seen me at the Clovis Farmers Market on Saturdays. I like to visit another Western buddy whose statue is right downtown. I was one of the best-behaved dogs at the market, I enjoyed people/dog watching but I knew how to say hello politely, not like some of those outlaws. I loved being petted by all the kids and “experienced” folks. Much better than being on the run all the time.

Butch is a very intelligent dog who already knows some basic commands but needs a family willing to invest more time in training. He is a young, high-energy lab who hasn’t learned the power of his jumping on people (we are discouraging this behavior) so may not be suitable for families with small (under 5 years old) children. He gets along with other dogs but can be possessive. And he ignores the dog savvy cat. Butch is house broken and loves to cuddle and give gentle licks. He does not realize that his size makes him an unsuitable lap dog.

Butch will need an active family who will take him on regular walks, jogs, or hikes. He is a bit of an excavator which can be corrected with training. If you want to make this handsome gentleman a member of your family, please apply online to adopt Butch today.

If you have already submitted an adoption application for another LRRF dog, simply reply to the volunteer who answered your application and ask to have it forwarded.