Buddy – Black Male, 1.5 years, 87 lbs.

Do you love Labrador Retrievers? Do you love BIG Labrador Retrievers?
Do you love black Labrador Retrievers?
How about water crazed, oversized puppy maniac big black Labrador?

We Got You!! Meet Buddy!

Buddy came to us from a family who purchased him as a puppy and he spent the majority of his time watching life from the backyard. This left him without a lot of manners but his foster family reports he’s been a near perfect house guest. He loves to play with his foster sister, he is potty trained and yes of course will grab the remote or your shoes! He’s not perfect Yet!!

As you can see from his pictures, this is a dog who LOVES to swim and we would love to find him a home with a pool or nearby water source. It not only lets him be a Lab, but this has been a great exercise tool for him! Besides who doesn’t love to watch a big black lab chase a ball into the pool!

We don’t really see any restrictions for Buddy, he grew up with children and although the foster does not have cats, he hasn’t shown any prey drive so perhaps a dog savvy cat might work. He is still learning the leash and keep in mind he is almost 90 pounds And about 1/2 way through the Labrador puppy stage.

If you’ve already fallen for this guy and have a spot on your couch for him, please fill out an online adoption application or if you’ve applied for any of our other dogs please respond to your original reply from us and ask that your application be forwarded to Buddy’s foster family.