Brinkley – Yellow (fox red) Male, 5-6 years, 75 lbs

Remember Ole’ Red?  The famous hound in the Blake Shelton country western song?  Brinkley kind of reminds us of Ole’ Red, he’s a Casanova boy and a charming handsome big hunk of dog!  Yep the ears… can’t ignore those big velvety ears, a little long to be Labrador ears… you guessed it there’s probably some hound in this boy too.

Brinkley originally reminded us of the beautiful Golden boy on the You’ve Got Mail “rom com” flick – and in some ways he still does, as we’ve watched all the fun movies this summer trying to beat the heat we’ve watched Brinkley turn into a big hunk of love and a Labradork! He’s the perfect rom com watching companion.

This handsome boy was found abandoned after being dumped out of a car at the edge of a rural homeless encampment. He had a bad skin infection that covered quite a bit of his lower back.  With good food, and several weeks of medication and TLC his skin infection has healed well and fur is coming back in!

Brinkley is still like most younger labs, he’s excited and happy to see his humans and would prefer they stay home with him more than not. He’s working on improving his independence, and loves snuggling on the couch with his people.

He’s a bit of a goof meeting new dogs but with proper introductions he learns the ropes quickly.  He’s learned to sleep in a crate and is house trained.

He would like a family that will give him lots of love and attention, time to hike and run and play, take long walks, and help him become the best boy he can be!

He has been mildly overly interested towards cats, but not totally wild around them. More of a … if they run then I think I should pursue them mind set.

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