Bourbon – Chocolate without the Guilt
Male Chocolate, Age 1, Weight 82 lbs

What if I told you that you can enjoy a rich, chocolatey indulgence not only guilt free but with health benefits? Chocolate that can help your heart stay healthy, lower cholesterol, improve mood and help with memory! Chocolate that melts right into you but leaves no mess? Are you intrigued? Well, I know just the Chocolate, me! My name is Bourbon and it is my life’s mission to be your favorite chocolate in History!

How you ask? Well, first, I’ll maneuver myself next to you. I’ll look up at you with my caramel colored eyes and you will see in them someone who sees the superhero in you, someone who adores you, and to whom you are the most important thing in the whole wide world and I am just where I have always wanted to be. Can you visualize it? Once I see you know my feelings, I’ll begin to melt into you, soft and sweet, and roll over so you can pet my belly! Doesn’t that sound great! I love snuggles and cuddles too but sometimes I snore if I fall asleep! We can go for walks and hikes and I promise I don’t melt in the sun! In fact, not only am I calorie-free, I can help you use some up! I’ll even volunteer to save you from eating a second helping by eating it for you if you let me! And did you know chocolate is a wonderful source of happiness? A sweet treat, that’s me to a tee! Adopt me and you will see!

Things you should know about me aside from being chocolate and a future alumni of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno is that I am house and crate trained, get along well with friendly dogs, and just love my foster family! I bark at strangers to alert but as soon as you give me the all-clear, they will be new friends. I know sit, down, and shake. Like all Labs, I like to play and need regular exercise, but I am very respectful of my home. I am so practically perfect that no one can understand why no one came looking for me when I was found and taken to the shelter. Maybe they were abducted by aliens? However, the past is in the past and I have only eyes for you and our future, together a loyal family, bonded by a love of a chocolate, me!

Bourbon is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. He is young, sweet, crate and house trained. Like all young Labs, his perfect family would give him plenty of love and exercise. He does well with people and children but does give a warning bark when he sees a stranger. He does well with other dogs with proper introductions but is best in a home without cats. He has his basics down, but training is essential for his development. If you would like to give this handsome hunk a home, please fill out an online application.