Bogart – Black Male, 10 years old, 65lbs

Ah retirement…a soft couch, 3 square meals a day, some gentle pets…sounds perfect to me! My name is Bogart and I am so excited to begin my retirement and live out my golden years with you! Life has not been kind to me in my younger years. I was surrendered to a local shelter in terrible shape…eye and ear infections, poor skin condition, with many signs of neglect. It is likely that I had been used as a stud dog for all my life, never knowing what it is like to live in a house and be a member of the family. Now that I am a LRRF dog, I am receiving medical care, I live in a foster home, sleep on this incredible soft thing called a bed, eat three delicious meals a day, and enjoy lots of love and snuggles. At first this was all so weird to me…I don’t think I have ever been in a house before! Now, I love it and I can’t wait to find my true home and begin my retirement with my forever family.

After all the tough years, I just want to relax and enjoy the good life with a loving family. I want to sleep in a soft bed, have my belly rubbed and get gentle kisses, relax by your side as we watch a movie, cuddle close to my people, oh and don’t forget the food – I sure do love mealtime! For an older fella, I do have a good bit of energy (gotta make up for lost time ya know!). I love to chew Kong toys, antlers, balls – it is so much fun to have toys for the first time!

Life sure has changed for me! I am still learning about the sounds and routines of being in the house, which is a bit tough for me, as I have lost a significant amount of my hearing due to my untreated ear infections.  I am working hard on housetraining and I am crate-trained. I like other dogs and let them take the lead when we play. Overall, my needs are simple – lots of love, some dog kibble, and a warm bed. In return, I will give you my full devotion and all my love. I will warn you – I have ten years of saved-up love ready to give, so there is quite a bit of love coming your way!

Bogart is a gentle sweet senior who has lived a tough life. We are so happy to help him get the golden retirement he so richly deserves. Bogart is mostly deaf, though he can now hear some high-pitched noises since his ears are cleared up and free of infections, so perhaps more of his hearing will return with time, but we just don’t know. We are also working on finding a solution to his skin conditions as a lifetime of poor care and malnutrition has taken its toll. We are hopeful that the right skin sensitive diet and perhaps an inexpensive round of antibiotics will do the trick and we are actively working with our veterinary team to find a solution. Bogart is such a special fella and though he has endured so many years of neglect, his heart remains full of love and happiness. To experience the love of a senior dog is to experience a deep devotion like no other – it is such a special bond. Though you may not get as many years together as with a puppy, these golden years will be full of unwavering love and true appreciation. To make Bogart’s dreams of a forever family come true, apply online today.