Blanca – Cream Shepherd, 6-7 years old, 70lbs

Hello there Labbie fans! Now I know what you are probably thinking…I thought this was a Labrador Rescue, what is this Shepherd doing here? It is true, my name is Blanca and I am a beautiful cream Shepherd. In fact, I doubt I have any Labrador in me, but here I am looking for a special forever family. I am a very lucky girl who didn’t used to be so lucky. A while back I lived at a house with some pretty unkind people. They moved away and left me in the backyard alone, talk about bad luck! However, my luck sure did change when a neighbor who is a long-time supporter of LRRF saved me from that lonely yard and took me in. He made me a member of his family, treats me with kindness and love, and has shown me that there are truly good people out there. Now he needs help. His health is declining and all he wants is to find me a loving forever home before he moves onto his next journey. He asked LRRF for help, so here I am! After all, even though LRRF is a Labrador rescue, they always try to help all dogs in need when they have the resources available. There really are some truly great people out there!

So, a bit about me…I am a calm laid back lady with the quiet wisdom that comes with maturity. I get along well with just about everyone – little dogs, big dogs, cats, we can all be friends! I am as easygoing as it gets. Loud noises? No worries, I just ignore them and go on with my day. Leash walks? I am rock solid on a leash. No pulling or tugging here. I just stay right by your side and never try to stray. I don’t like to bark and draw attention to myself; I am very happy to sit quietly near you and relax. Perhaps you need a best friend to sit by your side and just be there for you no matter what? I am a great listener and will always be here to give you a comforting cuddle. I am a very good girl and I know we could make each other very happy!

Blanca is the sweetest, calmest dog! She is very easy to be around and just enjoys quietly hanging out with her people. She is an older lady with a fairly low energy level and only needs a couple of small walks a week. She has fabulous manners and is great with other dogs, cats, and everyone she meets! Obviously, Blanca is not a Labrador, but we have an opportunity to help her and we are happy to step up for her. Do you have room in your heart and your home for this gentle sweetheart? If so, apply online to adopt Blanca today!