Blackie and Waffle
Black and Yellow Males, 2 years, approx. 55 lbs.

Look at these handsome boys!! Blackie and Waffle are brothers who are 2.5 years old and about 55 pounds.

We absolutely adore them. We do think that Blackie and Waffle are likely very bonded and would love to place them together but we also will be working on taking them out separately to see how they will do.

We are not big fans of siblings staying together, as we are well aware of littermate syndrome. Blackie and Waffle do not exhibit any of those behaviors. They are very food friendly and have no jealousy issues or other common traits with that syndrome. These two brothers from the same mother live harmoniously.

They are very typical labs; they love water and love people and are dog and cat friendly. They have lived with children of all ages in their home.

Blackie and Waffle are really the perfect age for Labs, they’re past the puppy stage but are still very active and really would love to have a family that included them into their home and gave them the life that they deserve.

If you would like to know more about Blackie and Waffle, please fill out an online adoption application and ask to meet the boys!