Billie – Black Female, 3 years, 78 lbs.

Well, that didn’t work, me and my pack went for a stroll and got busted, spent a week in the petitentury, a nice couple bailed me out, just in time for 4th of July. Spending time in the peaceful foothills, with 2 foster fails with a similar story as mine.

The management here tells me I’m a good girl, they say I’m always happy and get along with everything going on here, even the cat likes me. I like sleeping in my crate every night, and I’m quickly getting used to the routine. I’m packing a couple of extra pounds, but with exercise and cutting back on the feed bag, I feel the weight falling off. I didn’t get much leash training before, but the leash means something good is going to happen. I’m getting better at going for rides in the truck, good things happen now.

I’m just learning about dog toys and bones; I see my 2 dog roommates enjoying them and I see what I’ve been missing. I have a soft mouth with treats and love attention.
I kinda know sit and a few other commands, I’m eager to learn and please. I have a laid-back attitude but I’m young enough to want to run around and play too. I’m not too picky, I could be a good only-dog or happy to have a canine friend or 2, I don’t depend on a dog buddy. I think I would do my best in a less hectic home with older children.

I’m told that a lot of dogs that end up in rescues these days, can have a lot of trouble adapting to new situations. The manager trainee here tells me I’m almost normal! Well, I’d like to be almost adopted, who wants a dog without a bunch of drama, that just wants to fit in?

Billie is a total sweetheart girl looking for her forever family. She loves to please and be with people. Exercise and training will go a long way to ensure her successful transition to a family member. If you have room in your heart and home for beautiful Billie, please fill out an online adoption application.

If you have already submitted an application for another LRRF dog, simply reply to the volunteer who responded and follow the directions in red.