Beau – Black Male X – 6 years, 66 lbs.

Bonjour les amis. Je m’appelle Beau. Enough of that! Obviously, someone mistook me for one of those prissy French Poodles when they named me! I am a good ole middle-aged Labrador Retriever mix and I am looking for my forever home.

I was picked up by animal control as a stray on the streets of Tulare, and no one came to pick me up. Can you imagine that? Such a handsome sweet guy as myself, and they just left me. That may have been my lucky moment though, because the Defenders of Dogs at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno scooped me up to safety and got me some much-needed medical treatment. I am currently recovering from bilateral testicular hernia and bilateral inguinal hernia surgery. Of course, the vet can only guess how those hernias happened, but the guess is blunt force trauma. He said I could have fallen from a high place, or from the back of a truck, or got hit by a car, or some evil person hit me with something to cause these injuries. The good news is, the vet says my hips and knees appear to be fine and once I heal up from my recent surgery, I will be good as new.

Being a mature guy, I am past the rambunctious puppy stage. I am crate-trained, but I really prefer to be close to my humans. I am also house-trained, so no messes in the house for you to clean up. I know a few basic commands and I walk well on a leash. I don’t jump up on the furniture – or people – and I don’t even counter surf. I get along well with my two doggy foster brothers and we don’t get too rowdy. I like to chase the tennis ball and deconstruct the squeaky toys, but I am a lower-energy guy. Maybe this will change when I heal up and am feeling better. I hope so – except for the counter surfing part! I do NOT like cats – unless they are medium rare and well-seasoned. So, if you have one of those tasty felines, I am not your guy.

I love humans of all ages and would love some of those little humans to love on. My foster mom introduced me to a very interesting little human. He is so tiny, he can’t even walk on 4 legs yet! Everyone was so impressed with how gentle I was with him. Like I said, I am a mature fella and I know my manners and how to care for my people. I would like a home where I can be with my family most of the time. Until I heal, I’m not supposed to run, jump, and all that stuff, but I can walk on the leash with you. Regular exercise is good for everybody, so let’s take a nice stroll and enjoy the cooler weather together.

Beau is a snuggly loving fella who is all about his people. He is excellent with small children and is very gentle. However, Beau is not a friend to the felines, so no cats for him please! Beau is a low-key, well-mannered insta-dog who just wants a family of his own to love forever. If you would like to make Beau a member of your family, apply today to adopt.