Basil – Black Male, 11.5 lbs.
Sage – Black Female, 15 lbs.
Puppies are about 8 weeks

Sage is a lively girl who loves squeaky toys, long naps and wrestling with her brother. She’s very outgoing and makes friends with every dog and human she meets. Sage has already learned to sit for treats, fetch, and come when called. Sage has a lot of confidence and has no fear of household noises like the vacuum cleaner or loud TV’s. While she enjoys a rowdy game of tug-o-war with her brother, Sage is very sweet-natured and loves to cuddle with her foster mum before bedtime. Her favorite hobbies are playing fetch and standing in her water bowl.

Basil is a smaller boy who is quiet and in tune with people. He follows his foster mum around the kitchen and patiently waits for breakfast every morning. He loves wrestling with the resident kitty and his sister, but his personality is more laid back and mellow. Basil knows how to sit for treats and come when called. He has a very sweet personality and makes friends with everyone he meets. Basil’s favorite hobbies are getting belly rubs and snuggling before bedtime.

All puppies will be up to date on their age appropriate vaccinations as well as being spayed, neutered and microchipped. Please remember that our goal is to find the best possible forever home for each and every dog so it is not a first come first serve situation. It is also important to add that a puppy can be a 15 year commitment and most Labs have puppyish qualities for up to and sometimes beyond 2 years. An active family willing to take the time, patients and commitment to work with a pup is important. Like all young Labs, training and regular exercise are essential to a happy, healthy pup.

If you would like to know more about Basil or Sage, please fill out an online adoption application.