Atticus – Chocolate Male, 10 years old, 70 lbs

Did you know that just like a fine wine, Labradors get even better with age? That’s right! Each year of aging makes us more and more mellow, cuddly, and even smarter! My name is Atticus and I have been aged about 10 years – the perfect age for a snuggly love bug like me. And guess what, I am looking for my forever home, so you can make me a part of your family and enjoy my fine qualities for all my golden years.

Some may wonder how a perfectly aged gentleman like me ended up in rescue. Gosh, I wish I could talk people language and tell you my story, but all I can say is I ended up at a local shelter where the kind people there immediately contacted those angels at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno who took me in right away. I love being in my foster home and I love having a doggie bed of my very own. I am a true couch potato – I love to sleep, snuggle, nap, cuddle, snooze, and relax. I do have arthritis and I am a bit wobbly on my legs, so it is best I limit my walks to the yard and the house. I am not too good with stairs either, so I keep to the first floor and need carpet or area rugs to help me stay steady on my feet. I am a very happy and loving boy who loves to nose bump you for extra attention and follow you from room to room. My wag has only improved with all these years of practice and I love to wiggle & wag every time you walk in the door. I am a laid back dude who loves to eat, sleep, and eat some more. I am housetrained and have excellent house-manners. No need to crate me – all I really want to do is sleep on my dog bed and relax. My ideal day would be cuddling close to you and taking a nap. A few treats would be nice too!

Atticus is the sweetest little old fella you will ever meet! He is an easy-going dude who wants nothing more than a warm cozy bed and a family to love. Atticus is very low maintenance and requires little exercise. He does have arthritis and takes some inexpensive daily arthritis medications/supplements and pain medications to help him control his wobbly legs. Atticus loves people and other laid-back big dogs, but he has not met a cat since he has become a LRRF dog, so we are unsure how he feels about feline friends. Atticus would also do best in a house without young children and young dogs, as he needs a quieter environment. There is a very special bond that develops between a senior dog and his adopter – the look of true love and appreciation you will see in Atticus’s eyes every time he looks at you simply melts your heart and truly warms your soul. You are always deeply loved and cherished when you make a senior dog a member of your family. If you are looking for a best friend and a very special love, apply to make Atticus a member of your family by filling out an application!