Athena – Black Female, 10 months old, 40lbs

Goddess of wisdom and courage, craft and creativity. Athena’s beauty is as radiant as her personality. Her soft coat is black. But surprise! She has sprinkles of white on her chest, on each of her four paws, and a dramatic bit of silver in her fan tail. So chic.

Athena’s life didn’t start out as she deserved, being a goddess. It’s difficult to believe, but somehow, she found herself in a shelter. Wondering if she would ever have a family. Knowing that’s no place for a goddess.

It’s unclear how Athena ended up there, but thanks to the defenders of dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, and those who will choose to adopt rather than shop, she had a second chance for a forever home.

Athena is an affectionate pup that loves to be loved. She wants to please. With her intelligence and focus, training will be a pleasure. She started out in a shelter rather than a home, so she’s learning the ropes of house manners and is doing great. She has not been destructive for a young dog, but does have her moments of shoe stealing or rug dragging for attention. She is quick to comply with house rules as she is shown. Athena sleeps in a crate in the foster family bedroom all night with no problems.
Her energy level is medium for a ten month old.

She loves being outdoors. Exploring, hunting gophers at her foster home. Tippy toeing in slow motion, listening. Her technique is quite good however, she is 0-18 losing to the gophers at this point.
Athena can zoom around the yard or go for a walk or a hike, then lounge in the house with her people. Snoozing quietly. She loves it all. Just being with you is her favorite thing. She hasn’t had the opportunity to meet young humans yet. But she is so friendly, her foster mom thinks she would be good with children. As always, under supervision.

She is friendly and playful with the two dogs at her foster home. One a large male and the other a medium female. The three of them play well together, sharing toys. Athena is also good with the elderly cat. He is tolerant of her attention. She wants to play but controls herself like the regal goddess she is. All in all, she’s going to make a superb companion to a lucky person or family.

If you are looking for a nearly perfect dog to be part of your family and agree with us about how truly amazing Athena is, fill out an online adoption application.