Arya – Yellow Female, 6.5 months old, approximately 26 pounds

Hey there, remember me? I’m Arya and I am so thankful for all the support from LRRF volunteers and followers and the Veterinary care that helped me through that horrible ordeal of Parvo. Those of you who follow my updates on the LRRF page on Facebook, know that it was touch and go sometimes. You donated my special food, money to help with my large Vet bill, and most of all sent me your love, kind thoughts, and prayers. Now that I have fully recovered and put Parvo behind me, I am a very happy and active puppy. I love my foster canine friends, toys of all kinds, running outside and in, and just generally frolicking about and exploring all the wonders of life! Children are very exciting to me and I think they might just be really big puppies that learned to walk on two legs! So come on kids, wanna play with me!?! I love to learn, especially with treats, and I am always ready to show you my athletic prowess. After a fun filled day, my favorite spot is your lap for a long snuggle nap. Wanna snuggle with me forever and be my family forever and ever? You do? Yay!!!! Better apply quickly, I miss you already!

Thanks to the loving care of her foster mom and excellent veterinary care, Arya was able to survive Parvo. Parvo is a highly contagious and very dangerous disease, especially for young puppies, but it can be easily prevented with an affordable series of vaccinations. So please vaccinate your dogs! Arya had such a will to live, LRRF and her Vet never gave up on her. She is now a healthy pup, just like any other pup her age. Arya loves human and canine companions around her but is OK in her crate when her foster mom leaves to run errands. She sleeps in her crate at night and will let you know with a little bark if she needs to go out to use the facilities. She will likely be a medium sized dog with lots of energy to burn. Arya is highly active and like all Labbie pups, she needs lots of daily exercise. She is quite athletic and would excel at dog sports, like agility or fly ball!

Arya is total joy to be around and provides endless entertainment; she talks to her toys and chases her tail if no one will play. Like all Labrador pups, Arya will need an active family who is committed to exercising her daily and taking training classes with her. Remember a Lab pup can be a 15+ year commitment! If you are ready for this cuddly little ball of energy to join your family, please apply online or if you have already made an application, email a reply to the volunteer who first answered your application. Arya can’t wait to meet you!