Antares – Yellow Male X, 1.5 years, 55 lbs

From the Star collection

Hi all, Antares here, just back from a long walk with foster dad and foster four-legged brother Ricky. Dad says I’m getting better with every walk, I was really skittish the first few times out. He says I’m almost as good at walking on a leash as I am de-squeaking toys. In fact, he hid all the squeaky toys from me and left me with the super chewer toys. I love those too, and I love stealing them from Ricky even more. Ricky and I get along great, wrestling and playing tug. We ignore the house cat, but man do we love to chase cats out of the backyard and watch them fly over the fence. FUN!

Life wasn’t always this fun for me. I had a family that had a LOT of dogs. I was small and got picked on and had to fight for food. In swept the defenders of dogs, the wonderful group known as Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, and they convinced the family that I could have a better life. LRRF had already rescued my sister Sissy. Man, I slept for two days after getting rescued from that crew, first peaceful sleep in my life.

Antares you say? Foster dad is a bit of a science geek and named me after the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius. I was rescued under this sign and share several traits of the astrological sign. I have a tough outer shell but warm up quickly once I know you. Given my previous setting, I don’t back down from a controversy, just try and steal my favorite toy. Under my shell, I’m loyal to the core, so much so that I hate it when foster dad leaves me alone. I have to be crated otherwise I will stand on his desk and look out the window awaiting his return. Like most Scorpios, I am intense and caring.

Antares is a very intelligent dog who has learned to walk on a leash but will need a family dedicated to giving him more formal training. He is a young, high-energy lab who loves toys and chasing balls in the yard. He gets along with other dogs and ignores the resident cat. He is vocal as he carries a toy around in his mouth to show you what he has. He is content to be at your feet but does exhibit signs of separation anxiety when alone. Antares would do best in a family with dog-savvy children and another dog his size. If you want to add this shining star to your family, please submit an online adoption application.