Abraham – Black Male X, 1-2 years, 80 lbs.

Meet Abraham! His white chest, belly, and paws suggest maybe Abe has a bit of Border Collie in the mix. He is an adorable, sweet, cuddly, and expressive boy. He often tilts his head and tends to talk with a paw.

The Good:
Abe is a smart boy and learns commands quickly. He knows “no,” “off,” “leave it,” “sit,” “wait,” “down,” and “go lay down.” He is house-trained and uses a dog door. He also walks well on a leash. Abe is submissive to his canine foster sisters and brother; he’s very gentle with the two dogs that are seniors. Unknown how he is with cats; but definitely interested in birds when he’s in the yard!

The Not-So Good:
Abe is very shy with men, and he’s somewhat shy with strangers in general. He came into Rescue after being stranded in a canal. He has made progress with interacting appropriately with people. Abe sometimes still reacts and startles when the humans around him make quick movements; noises like loud speakers or car horns; and any sort of banging can be terrifying for him.

The Future:
Abraham needs a committed, very-dog-savvy, and preferably female adopter (due to his timid nature around men). He has a lot of work to do in order to learn to trust humans. He needs the right person to connect with a trainer and take the appropriate steps to help him be the most awesome dog he can be. He is already a lovable, super-snuggly, happy boy at home. He needs training and socialization to overcome some of his fears. Abraham is a special and happy dog who will be so worth the effort, and will quickly become your best friend!

If you are interested in knowing more about Abraham, please fill out an online adoption application so that we can send it to his foster mom for follow up.