Logan – “Silver” male, 6.5 years, 85 lbs.

Meet Logan! This handsome Silver Labrador is a smart and affectionate dude. He LOVES his people and is super social and friendly when meeting other folks. Logan wants nothing more than to hang and go on adventures with you. This energetic guy loves his walks and would be a great hiking partner, and did you say water? Logan loves to play in water! Logan loves spending time outdoors exploring new sights and smells. He does pull on walks, but with his prior training and consistent and positive reinforcement techniques, he can learn to walk like a proper gentleman. He clearly has had some training in his lifetime and would greatly benefit from having his new family continue strengthening and reinforcing that training.

Logan is a quick learner and is picking up on the rules and routine of his foster home easily. He is potty trained and will ring his bell on the door to go out. He settles down when it is time for bed, and sleeps through the night on his comfy pillow.

Logan is all about his people and because he loves them so much, he’d likely thrive being the only dog in his home. Logan ignored the cat in his last foster home, so he might be agreeable to a dog savvy cat.

Logan has some weight to lose but with proper exercise and diet it will be a snap! He is a Lab so he loves his food and treats, but hasn’t done any counter surfing at his fosters home. Because of his size and energy level, he is likely best suited for a family with older kids. Logan, like many “silver” labs, suffers from seasonal skin allergies and will require medication to continue living his best life.

Logan came to Lab Rescue because of a promise made to a beloved friend who was very ill. Logan was very much loved by his owner. When she passed away, her dear friend saw to it that she kept her promise to her and Logan. How could we say no.

This gorgeous fella would love to have a family to call his own and live the life he deserves. He is so sweet; all you want to do is love on him and give him attention. Is he the sweet, fun buddy you’ve been looking for? What are you waiting for? Fill out an adoption application and ask for Logan!